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Get online ordering right now

Get online ordering right now

Why you need to get online ordering right now for your customers. It's becoming an urgent issue for restaurants, and we'll explain how MarketByte can have you up and running in 20 minutes.

Listen up - the world has changed. Whether you believe it or not, everything is now different, and it's not going to be the same as years before for a very long time. From trying to get your drivers license renewed, to getting food, it's now a world of face-masks, distancing, call-ahead ordering, and curbside service.

When the COVID pandemic took hold on many states and counties across the country, one of the biggest industries impacted was our local restaurants. You could no longer stroll inside, ask for a table, and order your favorite meal. Now you have to try to find them online, see if they offer online ordering, and pray it all works well.

Get online ordering right now

Believe it or not, most restaurants don't even have a website. So having some way their customers could order from them without walking in the door has been one of those "I'll get to it someday" thoughts. Well, restaurants - "someday" is right now.

It's a harsh reality, but if you are a restaurant or a brick and mortar store that relies on walk-in customers, and you don't offer online ordering, you are in real danger of closing your doors.

At MarktetByte, we understand opening an online store, and a website seems like an impossible task. But we've simplified the entire registration process to take less than 10 minutes, and you can begin receiving orders in as little as 20 minutes!

It's true! Just listen to what some of our customers are saying;

"My name is Angel Kim I’ve been doing restaurant business here in Springfield for about 20 years and this is definitely the hardest time that I have ever seen. I was very hesitant at first because of the uncertain times especially because of the type of restaurant we have, we are more of a family dining type of restaurant. Were not used to getting to-go orders so after that we have just been getting steady orders coming through the online platform. The first couple of days we brought in over 400 dollars just from the website"


"We had a full lobby, it would seat about 55 people. Once that COVID had hit it shut our lobby down obviously. We Started MarketByte about a month ago, we have really put it out there online, it really gained a lot of foot traffic through our drive-through. The way it sends stuff to your phone you get the message immediately so you know what people need or want. It keeps an inventory of everything you have, so it's nice to know when your out you can't sell anymore. It's been a great tool and asset to our business. In the near future, we’re probably gonna have to hire more employees just to keep up with that, because of MarketByte."

The MarketByte system is designed in such a way to simplify the creation of your website, but offer incredibly powerful features underneath. So you, as a merchant, can process inbound orders, get paid, and get on with your business quickly. Your customers can easily place orders with you, use their credit card to pay or check out at curbside as an option. You get alerted on new orders; you can communicate with your customer in real-time using our built-in customer engagement SMS engine.

And unlike Grubhub, Chownow, and others - we don't take any commission or fees. There is just a monthly access charge to use the system and our customer engagement tools. 

Right now, you can create a MarketByte online store and website with your own logo, pictures, menu, and more for just $49 a month for the first 6 months, then just $99 per month there-after, cancel anytime.

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