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Increase orders and traffic to your website

Increase orders and traffic to your website

Want to increase orders and traffic to your website check out these tips using the tools from the Martketbyte platform.

One of the things we get asked often after launching a website on Marketbyte is, "now, how can I get more traffic and orders?". It's the 10 million dollar question on the web and something that's not quickly answered. After all, there are an estimated 2 billion websites on the Internet so your chance of getting found is 1 in 2 billion. But the good news is, it's not that hard.

Website Traffic

Traffic to your website comes in two basic forms, organic -which is the kind you didn't really pay for, and the paid type (pay per click, marketing, etc.). Organic traffic is the best kind because it indicates people are finding you for the keywords you want to be found for. For example; If I owned a Mexican restaurant in Florida when people type "Mexican food" in their search engine -I would want my website to come up as a top result.

One of the things Marketbyte does very for you automatically is to make your website highly optimized for search engines. That means your keywords, descriptions, structure, and overall "readiness to be found" is already there! 

But along with your great website and online store on Marketbyte, you also need to be building your audience - you know, the people that will come to you to order food, buy your stuff, and the like.


So here are 5 things you can do right now to help build an audience on your Marketbyte website, and increase orders and traffic to your website

1. Utilize the SMS messaging feature: Smartphones are everywhere. People use their smartphones to decide where they want to eat, when they order online, and what they want to eat every day. With this feature, you can directly communicate with customers to let them know your special for the day, what promotions you may be running, etc. Also, once they place an order, you can let them know when their order is received, complete, or delayed. 

2. Connect to your customers by using our Social Media/Marketing tools: More than half of Americans check social media at least ten times a day. By using this tool, you can create a social media post for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google My Business by a single click! This is a perfect way to stay connected digitally with all of your customers.


3.  Start your own Loyalty Program: customers love feeling valued. Offering discounts or rewards for being your customer is a great way to make sure they feel this way. With the Marketbyte loyalty program, merchants are able to offer these incentives to their customers. For example; “For every $1 you spend with us, you earn a $0.01 back!”

4. Manage your score using Social Analytics: want to see your reviews on Google? Or check and see what your social score is? This is where you can monitor all of that. We check your website ranking and analytics, along with managing and monitoring your reputation sites, like Trip Advisor or Yelp. We also alert you if you received a one- or two-star review.

5. Take advantage of your Store Analytics: In this feature, you can see your most popular store item, along with sales history and customer base location!

You don’t have to take my word for it. SMS messaging is more effective than other forms of marketing, roughly 98% of people will read a text, but only 20% will open an email. Social Media is accessed by 59% of people every day; there is a good chance your customers will take a look at your page. Also, 78% of people said that loyalty programs save them money. The numbers show just how effective the tools above will help your Marketbyte site attract more audiences.

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